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Danny Cahill

There is a tendency for individuals to group LinkedIn in the same social networks as Facebook and Twitter. This does not do LinkedIn justice as I believe it to have a far higher standing and purpose both professionally and otherwise. I have yet to encounter profanities or individuals berating or denouncing their cubicle colleagues in LinkedIn. Actually, I was a major defense contractor recently and some high ranking professionals there were hesitant to join LinkedIn Groups due to the "social media" labeling. This was unfortunate as it did not do justice to the setting. The same person went on to elaborate on an employee that was fired for being on Facebook at work for 8.5hrs which is a totally different matter altogether.
Therefore, we should maintain a degree of separation between LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook to separate the good from what can be also good but at the same time be bad and ugly !

Small Business IT

You have a very good blog. Thank you for this insight and summation.

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